Nature. DevOps. Cloud. Linux. Travel & fun.

I’m Jani “raatti” Karlsson, a passionate Linux user and DevOps architect. Join me on this tech-savvy journey with me as we travel, explore the wonders of nature, and delve deep into the wonderful world of Linux. We’re going to dive right into the intriguing subject of Linux and its crucial role in influencing the world of technology in this blog. As we wander around the various areas of this globe, I will impart my expertise on how Linux improves my traveling experience. We’ll explore exquisite environments, capture captivating moments with our digital photographs, and enjoy the excitement of technology on the the move as fellow nerds who love all things nice and nerdy. Whether you’re an expert in Linux, a geek who loves the outdoors, a travel enthusiast, or just someone who is dying to explore technology, the outdoors, this blog may have something for you in the future.  So buckle up for a tech-nerd adventure! We’ll explore the fascinating convergence of technology, travel, and natural beauty, all through the eyes of a dedicated nerd nomad.

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